AER Employer Executive

Employer: ProMedica
Reporting Period: May-Aug22
File Date: 9/19/2022
Confirmation: 20220919EUPE1162726
  • I. List of Agents
    • Brooke A Cheney
    • Richard F Hillis
    • Victor F Hipsley
    • Matthew S Whitehead
    • Andrew J. Huffman
    • Kelsey Woolard
  • II. Executive Activity

    Please disclose specific agency decisions on which active advocacy occurred during this reporting period.

    Agency Decison Description Decison/Rule #
    Administrative Services Skilled Nursing Facilities; Employment
    Governor Skilled Nursing Facilities; Long-term healthcare issues; Employment
    Health Long-term healthcare issues
    Medicaid, Department of Skilled Nursing Facilities; Long-term healthcare issues;Employment
  • III. Executive Expenditure Statement
    No Expenditures