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Agent: Thomas D Norris
File Date: 1/31/2012
Confirmation: 20120131EINA48128
  • I. Engagement Date:
  • II. Employer Information:
    Name: BioStat
    Real Party In Interest:
    Type of industry: Medical Supply
    Address: 711 Turnbull Ave, Suite B
    Address 2:
    City: Altamonte Springs
    State: Florida
    Zip Code: 32701
    Contact Person: Ron Stickelman
    Phone: 937-344-0244
  • III. Brief description of the Executive Agency Decision(s) to which this engagement relates:
    purchasing of medical supplies
  • IV. Categorical listing of offices of Elected Executive Officials, Departments or Executive Agencies to which the engagement relates:
    Adjutant General
    Homeland Security
    Public Safety
    Rehabilitation & Corrections