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Agent: Thomas D Norris
File Date: 1/5/2009
Confirmation: 20090105LINA962
  • I. Engagement Date:
  • Employer Information:
    Name: Ohio Concrete Construction Association
    Real Party In Interest:
    Type of industry: Concrete Construction Association
    Address: 2101 Nutt Rd.
    Address 2:
    City: Centerville
    State: Ohio
    Zip Code: 45458
    Contact Person: Thomas Norris
    Phone: 614-306-4690
  • III. Brief description of the type of legislation to which the Legislative Agent's engagement relates:
    Government affairs concerning Concrete/Construction Contracting
  • IV. Categorical listing of principal business or activity of Employer:
    -Labor/Labor Organizations
    -Public Interest
  • V. I am a state employee/officer registering on behalf of my public agency, other than an institution of higher education: